Who is Peter Lowe?

When one of Peter’s seminars was in town, you couldn’t miss it. What started as a one-man operation became a nine-figure business, employing hundreds for over 20 years. Peter’s seminars filled NBA- and NHL-sized arenas across North America with businesspeople. His seminars remain the largest live business events ever produced.

Each year as many as 400,000 businesspeople attended his seminars, flocking to hear the secrets of success and self-improvement from the greatest leaders and achievers of our age — people like President Bush, Margaret Thatcher, Benjamin Netanyahu, Mikhail Gorbachev, Suze Orman, Michael Phelps, and Peyton Manning. Zig Ziglar spoke at over 600 of Peter Lowe's success seminars with Peter. Former Presidents Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush all graced his platform. But the centerpiece of Peter’s seminars was a brief, optional, non-religious, unapologetic presentation of the Gospel with an opportunity to respond.

As USA Today noted, "The seminars also have a Christian theme. There is a special optional bonus session the Biblical secrets of success." The response was always amazing and there has never been such a mass outreach to businesspeople for so many years.

Chances are you’ve been to one of Peter Lowe’s big seminars in the past—or drove by the billboards, or heard the radio commercials, or read the newspaper ads, or received some direct mail.

The Grand Motivator

Your seminar will be personally conducted by Peter Lowe

Peter Lowe infuses listeners with a sense of energy, self-esteem and an ability to rebound from their failures.

— St. Petersburg Times

Charisma Magazine, in a cover story, dubbed him “The Apostle to Corporate America” because of his success at reaching businesspeople. “60-Minutes” profiled him, amazed at his ability to fill arenas. People Magazine, Time Magazine, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal featured him, enamored by his message and the celebrities that flocked to his stage. Fellow Wheaton College graduate Billy Graham appointed him Chairman of the Tampa Bay Billy Graham Crusade. It was a world of amazing adventures, deep joy, and intense spiritual warfare.

In 2011, he sold his seminar business during a divorce so he could focus on being a strong presence for his two sons, caring for his elderly parents, and preparing for his next big dream. Peter has had both more success and more failure than most. So wherever a businessperson is at, Peter relates and teaches from both sides. Before he ever started the motivational seminars his passion has been to equip Christian businesspeople with the secrets and strategies they need to live out their faith in the marketplace, and grow their businesses and careers God’s way.

Join Peter Lowe and Supernatural Business Success to move your business to the highest level possible, even the impossible.

The Apostle to Corporate America

Cover Story, Charisma Magazine

You have two choices: do business in the supernatural or in the superficial.

— Peter Lowe

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